Meet Mandi

Why I Became A Doula
I have three different things that drove me to wanting to pursue work as a doula. I first learned of a doula when I was pregnant with my first baby. I was researching information on natural birth and learned that a doula would be beneficial. I asked a friend to be a doula for me but when my labor turned into a traumatic struggle and my birth plan went totally awry, I realized that a trained doula MIGHT have been able to help me more in ways that my friend couldn’t. I became curious about how a trained doula differs from a support person, husband, mother, nurse etc. Later that year, I went to work at a boutique through a cloth diaper company called Cotton Babies. I learned many things in that year in terms of product, cloth diapering, baby wearing, etc. But what I walked away with after that year was a very real realization that I loved to help, support, encourage, and educate mothers and see them succeed in what they want to do. Lastly, I feel as though my identified “mission” in the world has been developed in me since I was young. Based on my skill set and interests, I have had a difficult time assuming I had to choose between being a teacher, counselor, social worker, ministry leader, or stay home mother. I feel as though becoming a doula for 
birth and postpartum beautifully combines features of all these vocations and my heart is at peace finally being able to settle on something that suits me so well. I am a helper/servant at my core, I love knowing I can bring this to laboring women and to postpartum women. 

How I Serve Families
Doula is Greek for servant/slave. In my opinion, that means a doula should be there for their client in as many ways as the needs require (aside from medical needs). Doulas are not the center of the show (mom and partner are) and doula gently comes aside them to assist in as much or as little as needed. Have no fear, momma!, the doula won’t take over your birth! When I am your doula, my goal is to help YOU take over your birth so you will feel empowered and victorious of a job well done.

​​​More About Me
I am a wife to my husband (Josh) and we have been married since 2014. We have (so far) made two babies together: Adeline (2016) and Calvin (2019). My first labor was a horrendous experience, and my second was absolutely beautiful and exactly what I planned. I like knowing I have both experiences tucked in my pocket. I enjoy crafting, doing most any outdoor activities, and volunteering at my church. When I am not doing doula activities, I am home with my babies playing and enjoying the great city of Grand Rapids!
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