Postpartum Doula

Benefits of Postpartum Doula Support

Studies show that postpartum doula care can help in the following ways:
» Reduced Postpartum Mood Disorders
» Improved Breastfeeding Success                                                                    

My postpartum clients have also reported:

» Increased confidence in caring for their baby
» Improved bonding with baby
» A more peaceful transition into parenting
» Decreased stress
» Increase in overall satisfaction of the postpartum experience      

What Is A Postpartum Doula?

A postpartum doula is a professional with credible experience and training in the postpartum period, which is made up of the first few weeks or months after the birth of a baby. Postpartum doulas are prepared to support families through the physical recovery after childbirth, the challenges of caring for a newborn, and the many adjustments during this time of life. Postpartum doula care helps families meet the challenges of life with a newborn so they can focus on the joyful aspects of this precious time.

Postpartum doulas assist families in adjusting to life with a newborn baby and help parents become empowered and confident by providing:

Emotional » The postpartum time is an emotional roller coaster for many families. Hormonal changes and lack of sleep can lead to lead to challenges for both mothers and families. We are here to help! Listening, supporting, offering advice makes this the most crucial piece of the postpartum support package.
With special training and experience in supporting families through postpartum depression  and anxiety we are always watching for signs and symptoms of mental health concerns. We screen for mood disorders and if more support is needed, we connect you with local resources.

Practical » Feeding and caring for an infant is a full time job, one that you may be doing on very little sleep! Let us help. We can help care for the baby(s) and older siblings so you can take a break to care for yourself (our clients love being able to peacefully take a nap or a shower during our visits!). We can help keep your home running smoothly by preparing food and completing light houseworks tasks for you. so you can focus your attention on your baby and your recvoery from birth

Informational » Babies don’t come with a manual, but you can hire an experienced, professional postpartum doula to help you understand your baby’s needs. Each Great Lakes Doula had saught additional trainging in baby care related areas including breastfeeding, infant massage, baby wearing and cloth diapering. We are available both during and in between our visits to answers questions about anything and everything. Don’t spend hours on Google trying to figure out what’s going on with your baby - call us!

“I would not have healed and bonded
with my baby the same without
Cassie's genuine care. Every woman
deserves treating herself to a
postpartum doula to help
facilitate rest and recovery.
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