My 1st C- section was not planned. I labored for 24 hours, 3 hours of that were pushing. It was after my son would not crown, that my husband, nurse midwife, Ob Gyn and I decided that a C-section was the best course to take. After the C-section the doctor prescribed narcotics but since I was nursing I decided to go natural. To help with the pain I took Arnica by tablet several times a day. It was surprisingly helpful and worked well. My body was physically exhausted after all of the laboring and then the C-section.

Three years later I had another C-section with my twins but since it was planned, I did not labor and the pain and exhaustion was not as extreme as my first childbirth experience.

After my 1st C-section, I was emotionally distressed for months. So much so that I sought out therapy to help process some of my feelings. What I realized is that I had such high expectations and had prepared so thoroughly for a natural childbirth that having a C-section really threw me off balance emotionally. Now looking back, I realize that I thought I was less than a woman/mother because I could not have my son vaginally. I compared myself to all of the other mothers who glowed about their natural childbirth and thus felt a lot of shame.

Since doing therapy, I now realize that those thoughts were due to a societal belief that natural childbirth is superior to C-sections. There is a lot of societal judgement about C-sections and I believed those judgements. Now, I know without a shadow of a doubt that it’s about the end result. Is the child safe? Is the mother safe? That is all that matters to me. It was a process I had to go through to heal and by the time I was ready to deliver my twins 3 years later, I had a much better attitude and belief about C-sections. My delivery with my twins went incredibly smooth and the recovery process was much shorter and with less emotional turmoil.