Amanda Pfeiffer
Children’s names: Liam and Emma

When did you have your C-section?
1st – 2007
2nd – 2013

Was it planned or unexpected?
1st – Emergency, we were 2 weeks over due for our first baby. At the urging of our OB we went in to be induced. We were on Pitocin and then had my membranes stripped. After that Liam’s heart rate dropped and we had to do an emergency c-section. The epidural didn’t take effect so I had to be put under. I didn’t get to meet my little guy for almost 2 hours.
2nd – scheduled I got to be awake and meet my little lady super quick; during my pregnancy I developed multiple autoimmune diseases and had to schedule it.

What was your recovery like?
Both – The recovery was pretty good. I did feel pretty beat up for a couple of days but I feel like that’s to be expected birthing a baby and all….

What surprised you about your C-section recovery?
1st – That I wouldn’t get to meet my kiddo for a few hours…
2nd – The nurses and docs were amazing…My daughter loves to hear about how the whole ER shouted its a girl when she was born! She wouldn’t cooperate during the ultrasound so we didn’t know if it was a boy or girl and we already had 2 sons….

What types of pain relief/control did you use?
Both – I don’t recall being in too much pain. My nurses were amazing!

What types of comfort measures were helpful to you?
Both – Holding a pillow against the c-section incision area when attempting to get up was the most helpful!

How did you feel emotionally about your C-section in the early postpartum weeks?
1st – Depressed- like I’d failed…I had a whole birth plan laid out…no drugs, natural, etc and this all went out the window. I felt like I failed myself.
2nd – I was so overwhelmed with health issues I feel like I was barely holding it together…I also had a non verbal toddler so it’s possible I was a tiny bit crazy.

When you think about your C-section today, how do you feel about it?
1st – I have an amazing, healthy son…and he was huge, so part of me is glad we had a c-section! But in hindsight I wouldn’t have given into my OB’s suggestion of being induced…I should have let my body go into labor naturally…
2nd – I realize that it’s what was needed at the time and try to show myself some grace…I have a healthy, spunky little lady and that’s the most important!

What advice would you give other people who’ve recently had a C-section?
Be gentle with yourself…you’ve been through a lot physically and emotionally… don’t allow anyone else to make you feel bad about how you birthed your baby…Ain’t nobody’s business! 😉