As a mom, wife and a business owner,  I wear many hats. It took me a few years to not only understand the importance of self care, but to figure out what self care was to me and how it makes a difference in my everyday life.

My name is Kymber Heinze, mom to three littles - Zaden (4), Melaina (2) and Lowen (4 months). Reading that you probably just had the same reaction most people I meet do - yes, I have my hands full. However, my heart is fuller. My husband, Aaron, is an engineer and we reside in Hudsonville. I also own Junia Studios where I offer marketing, graphic design and photography services. Working from home is amazing as it allows me to stay home with my kids. It has also forced my hand to make sure self care is a part of my daily routine.

Self care is something that can carry completely different meanings to everyone. It could mean a monthly night out, a small daily ritual,  a yearly vacation, etc. For me, I personally feel extremely guilty doing anything without my family. I mean, I had kids to do things as a family. With that being said, I put myself on the back burner for the first few years of motherhood not because I didn’t agree I needed to do something for myself and my sanity, but simply because I had a hard time finding that balance between caring for myself and not feeling extreme mom guilt for doing so.

It took me almost four years, but I have finally found that balance between doing something for my own sanity while not feeling guilty about taking time for myself. My self care solution is coffee. Yes, you read that right: coffee. More so the time that surrounds that coffee, I suppose.  Every morning I get up at least an hour, sometimes two hours before my kids wake up and I drink my first cup of coffee in utter and complete silence. Ok, fine. It’s not just the one cup, it’s more like 2-3, but who’s counting? The silence (and caffeine) is exactly what I need to start my day right. By the time my kids wake, I am fully awake and have had some “me time.” The silence is almost therapeutic to me. No matter how many times I got up with the baby or how late I went to bed and little sleep I got, that morning silence and warm coffee fixes it all and puts me in a good mood to start the day.

Now, I admit, I don’t always just sit there for the full 1-2 hours. Depending on the day, I take that time to either get a small work out in or catch up on work - work uninterrupted is a beautiful thing when you work from home. It's a rarity. No matter what, my mornings always start early and with my cup (or 3) of coffee. Sleeping in and extra the hours of sleep are nice, and I sometimes literally have to force myself out of bed, but I never regret it because that small amount of time to myself is the best thing I can do for myself.

I encourage all the moms out there - working, stay at home or work at home - to find the balance between doing something for yourself and giving your all to your family. Both are worth it. Even if it’s as simple as an hour of silence and coffee.