Name: Lauryn Stewart
Children: Wyatt, 3.5 & Wesley, 2.
Place of birth: Holland Michigan, Boven Birth Center

What were your reasons for hiring a doula?
Once I had my first child, I had immediately wished I had a doula for my birth and postpartum. So I knew I would get one for my second baby 🙂 Having Cassie with me in the newborn days, having two boys 17 months apart, was very much worth every penny. Those postpartum hormones can make even the small tasks seem very overwhelming, having someone who I could talk with and trust was invaluable.

How was your doula most helpful during birth? How about during postpartum?
I’ve only had a postpartum doula, and honestly the most helpful things are all the little things! Grabbing water and snacks so I can stay on the couch with my newborn, folding laundry and talking to another adult, playing with my toddler so I know he’s getting some one-on-one attention, playing with our rambunctious dog who was driving me insane. The little things make a big difference.

What did you learn from your experiences giving birth and becoming a mother?

Comparison is the thief of joy ❤️

What surprised you about giving birth?
How alone you feel. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but my husband did not know what to do to support me during labor. Yes, nurses are wonderful but they also have a job to do and don’t stay in your room for long moments at a time.

What surprised you about life with your new baby?

The anxiety that ever so slowly creeps in but you don’t even realize it’s anxiety because you think it’s just normal postpartum feelings.

What advice or encouragement regarding birth or the postpartum period would you like to offer other families expecting their first babies?

Take advantage of those who want to help! The help is more useful than any “baby product must have” you can ever buy. Whether that’s family you have nearby or hiring a postpartum doula.. you’ll never regret asking for help. People genuinely want to be there for you which is hard to remember as a new mom.