mom practicing self care by meditating

Peace On YouTube: Self Care In Real Life Interview

Written by Cassie Schultz, owner of Great Lakes Doulas and mother of Fiona age 7 and Dawson age 4.

What: Meditation

Where: At home, using YouTube videos

When: About once a day, either first thing in the morning if the kids are still asleep, before bed or anytime of the day – while my kids are watching TV, or with another caregiver.

Why: Guided meditations work best for me, because they give my active mind something to focus on and pay attention to. I love the fact that I can go to YouTube and type in what I am looking for and how much time I have. For example “Guided meditation for confidence 10 minutes.”

Anything else?: Before I started meditating I thought meditation meant sitting down, clearing your mind and saying “ommmmm.” For years I’d say “I can’t meditate because I can’t clear my mind.” I now realize it does not have to be that rigid. I don’t usually just sit there – to make time for it I usually need to do it while I am doing yoga stretches. I get interrupted a lot by the my kids, so I often have to pause the video and come back to it later. My mind wanders a lot and I realize that I have missed several minutes. I still get it a lot of benefits from it – even though my practice doesn’t look perfect. I also sometimes do a 2-5 minute WITH my kids. This is usually not very relaxing (thanks to the 4 year old), but I want to introduce them to the practice so they can enjoy the benefits as they get older.

There is practically an endless supply of guided meditation videos on YouTube. Here are a few of my favorites: