Child: Boy, 2 years old
Place of birth: St.Mary’s Mercy Health / Downtown Grand Rapids

What were your reasons for hiring a doula?

My husband and I are the first “kids” in our families to have a baby, and among the first of our friends to have kids as well. We wanted a knowledgeable person to go to for questions, support and encouragement before, during and after baby’s arrival.

How was your doula most helpful during birth? How about during postpartum?

Cassie was most helpful by reminding me and my husband about our options during labor/delivery and encouraging us to ask the nurses/doctors questions. Postpartum she was an excellent resource to go to for questions about feeding, baby gas pains, soothing techniques and more.

What advice or encouragement regarding birth or the postpartum period would you like to offer to women expecting their first babies?

You can do this! Have faith your body knows what to do. Your support team–doula, nurses and doctors included–are all here for you. After birth, be patient with yourself. Also, try new things often–new ways to hold baby during feeding, new ways to engage/play, new places to go for small outings. The earlier you get use to mixing it up the easier it’ll be to adapt to changes later on.