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We have many blog posts where you can find guidance and support as you grow your family. We know you want to read about families you can actually relate to so we proudly present our "In Real Life" series!

PostpartumDoulaGR2 - Edited

Doula Care IRL – Lauryn

Name: Lauryn Stewart Children: Wyatt, 3.5 & Wesley, 2. Place of birth: Holland Michigan, Boven Birth Center What were your...
GR Postpartum Doula

“Yes Please” Doula Care IRL

What were your reasons for hiring a postpartum doula? Hiring Cassie as my postpartum doula was initiated by a dear...
West MI Doula 1

You Can Do This!

Name: Dana Child: Boy, 2 years old Place of birth: St.Mary's Mercy Health / Downtown Grand Rapids What were your...
See A Physical Therapist

See A Physical Therapist

Name: Carrie Stephens Children's names: Malone, Beau and Jocie When did you have your C-section? 1st - July 2, 2012...
All That Matters To Me

All That Matters To Me

My 1st C- section was not planned. I labored for 24 hours, 3 hours of that were pushing. It was...
Take The Time To Heal

Take The Time To Heal

Name: Jessica Child's name: Theodore (Teddy) I had my C-section on November 30, 2017. It was not planned, nor was...